Environmental Management Package - Save 15%

Package Includes:

  • CO2 and Environmental Control (35 minutes)
  • Light Recipes (23 minutes)
  • Integrated Pest Management: Prevention (22 minutes)
Harley Smith, a pioneer in hydroponics, teaches how to create the perfect environment for maximum yield and supreme quality.  Harley talks about calculating carbon dioxide dosage and supplementation options for balancing out the chemical needs of the plants.   Moreover, Harley also talks about ideal conditions including temperature and humidity controls and tips for growth dealing with roots, environment and water.

Harley Smith dives into different light recipes to grow stronger and healthier plants. Harley will discuss about the quantity and the quality of light during the various stages of plant growth. Harley will talk about some beginner mistakes and tips for making the ideal condition for your plants to flourish and grow.  In addition, Harley Smith talks about new light technology and supplemental lighting systems to increase quality and yield.     

Harley Smith stresses the importance of preventative care, specifically the mantra “start clean, keep clean”.  Harley will give five tips on creating high Brix plants, including following a protocol, how to strengthen plants, which organic sprays to use in certain situations, which beneficial insects to introduce, and as a last resort applying chemicals to the plant.

Total Video Time: 80 minutes

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